“radical architecture”

22 09 2008

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about object translation lately.  It seems to be on of the solutions to helping me get somewhere with my 351 project about the mirror.  So recently when I look at design, I almost immediately think of it as object translation.  While on the blog THINGS TO LOOK AT, I came across these architectural magazines. It’s interesting to be because of the space all of these magazines are put it.  Because they are all up on a wall, instead of in a stack on someone’s desk or coffee table, it makes more of an impact.  I would start to see more similarity’s in them all because they are all being shown together, which is why my mind went straight to thinking about them as object translation.  

creative silhouette

2 09 2008


The Serf is a blog I found myself wondering through, and came across what I thought this was a unique way to do an object translation into type…