19 10 2008

Great website! LOTS and LOTS to look at!

Go to PEEPSHOW, then click on “ENTER SITE”….

From there you will see plenty to look at. 

I really enjoyed looking at the animations, some of them are in the simplest form and still get the point across, others are more abstract and create some beautiful compositions.  

Over all just a really interesting site how the user navigates through the pages. I really like the idea of using the slides as different categories and pages. Very creative.

mind blowing!

5 09 2008

I know a lot of people have probably seen this, (I saw it a few years ago in a chain email) but I still always find my self going to the site to see what is new.  These sidewalk chalk drawing are amazing to me! The skill and patients that must go into creating these works or art is crazy to me! Impact Lab has a lot more pictures of these illustrations.