classifying sites

15 10 2008

So we learned there are three different types of websites

The first one being a “reference site”

An example of this is which is a site that some would spend no more then a few minuted on because they are using this site to find something else.


The second kinda of site is an “informational site”, which is a site someone might go to in order to get information about something (company, product, organization, and so one) or someone (business owner, self promoting, and so one). 

An example of this type of site is the website for Eez Fusion, a restaurant in North Carolina. It provides information from the menu to contacts to pictures of the actual restaurant. Great food by the way (I used to work there).


The next type of website is the “experiential site”. This is a site has no specific focus, not information given and no references. The success of the site depends on the expectations of the users.  

I couldn’t find a good example of a site that is just experiential, but I found a “hybrid site” which is a mix between experiential and informational, and that site is for Willy Wonka Candy.

The site has a lot of experiential interactions while at the same time has factual information about the candy produced by the Wonka Candy makers.