music to relax you…

23 09 2008

Listening to music always helps me relax, and also helps me clear my mind in order to really crack down on a project. The perfect background music for me is music that is soft, and easy listening, nothing load and distracting.  One of my best friends form back home is an amazing artist.  Im jealous of him in a way because he is just out doing his own thing, taking classes here and there, but ultimately just exploring what life has to offer and making good music.  His music in particular is GREAT relaxing background music.  His name is Jake Troth.  There is a recent blog that has his whole new album (BLIND CONTOURS) available to down load for free.  That’s right FREE MUSIC!!! So i just wanted to share this and hopefully you all like it as much as i do.



28 08 2008

Thought this was a clever and funny bottle design, I mentioned it in class the other day, and then oddly enough I went over the my aunts house and she had it sitting on her counter haha.