finding the beauty

13 10 2008

The Sartorialist is a fashion blog that is just amazing! All the shots of the “models” are just random people in the streets of New York that happened to be dressed well and got a picture snapped of them. The pictures look great because of the lighting and the setting, it all just works! love it!

music to relax you…

23 09 2008

Listening to music always helps me relax, and also helps me clear my mind in order to really crack down on a project. The perfect background music for me is music that is soft, and easy listening, nothing load and distracting.  One of my best friends form back home is an amazing artist.  Im jealous of him in a way because he is just out doing his own thing, taking classes here and there, but ultimately just exploring what life has to offer and making good music.  His music in particular is GREAT relaxing background music.  His name is Jake Troth.  There is a recent blog that has his whole new album (BLIND CONTOURS) available to down load for free.  That’s right FREE MUSIC!!! So i just wanted to share this and hopefully you all like it as much as i do.


mind blowing!

5 09 2008

I know a lot of people have probably seen this, (I saw it a few years ago in a chain email) but I still always find my self going to the site to see what is new.  These sidewalk chalk drawing are amazing to me! The skill and patients that must go into creating these works or art is crazy to me! Impact Lab has a lot more pictures of these illustrations.  

creative silhouette

2 09 2008


The Serf is a blog I found myself wondering through, and came across what I thought this was a unique way to do an object translation into type… 

moore PHOTOS

29 08 2008


David Dillon is an amateur photographer from northern Massachussettes.  I really enjoy looking at his photos because he takes pictures of things that sometimes aren’t ordinarily considered “pretty” and turns that subject matter into something very interesting and pleasing to look at.  I love this kind of photography because that seems to be the kind of picture I’ve been taking lately.  When I’m walking around down town taking pictures, I have to look beyond the obvious and see the true beauty in the the unexpected.


27 08 2008

Another blog I found today and was looking at was GRAIN EDIT.  I found a lot of interesting things on there, but the “pebble alphabet” really stood out to me.  (Especially for you Amy, it made me think of our project for 351 and obviously because it’s a rock it reminded me of you) It also reminded me of last year doing the object translations, and this was just a unique way of looking at the alphabet.

starting to look

27 08 2008

Now that I feel a little more comfortable with the idea of blogging, I was able to start to explore what is out there for me to look at.  I never would of imagined the endless amount of design, and art there is to look at.  I started to notice that the kind of blogs I enjoyed looking at the most were definitely ones that had a variety of types of design.  Being able to stay on one person’s blog and have the option to look at everything from web design to typography is very exciting to me.  One blog in particular that did that for me was Things to look at.  I really enjoyed the variety of contents on this blog.  While I was looking at that blog, it led me to another link that was really interesting.  The way the web site was set up, and the way the tabs and content moved around was very unique and clever. I found my self clicking on all the tabs just to see them move, and I noticed the flow of the page in no time at all.