color by culture

18 09 2008

I found this chart that show the differences between cultures as far as the symbolism of different colors.  Its interesting how different one culture is from another.  For example the color green in the US means: growth, nature, environment, and so on.  But in china a green hat indicates a man’s wife is cheating on him or an exorcism. Very radical differences. Another example that sticks out in my head is that in India, it is traditional for a bride to where a red wedding dress, instead of white like in the US. 

help with the palette

18 09 2008

One tool i’ve used before to help with forming a cohesive color palette is on the behr paint web site.  It isn’t really anything like some of the tools we were shown in class (I didn’t even know those types of websites were available) but it does help.  There are different ways to go about picking the color palette, for example you can choose one color and allow the site to pick accent colors that will work or vise versa… there are so many different ways to go about it.  I just sat and played around with it.


I really enjoyed playing around with the Color Palette Generator as well.  I found it pretty mind blowing how fast the site could pick out the colors.  Very very good tool in which I will definitely be using, now that I know its available.